Electric Nanospray for Skin

• Moisturizes face, body and hair
• Nano technology guarantees ultra fine particles (7 m)for smooth application
• Absorption of the active ingredients and moisturizing are faster and more effective caused by 160.000 oscillations per second
• Automatic time setting for ideal use
• Self-cleaning function: ultraviolet light disinfects and destroys bacteria
EZ-Mist - Overview


Powered by 2 AAA batteries

Voltage 3V / Current 0.4A


Use non-contact switch

Designed as a slide; slide the front plate

To turn on the device and be ready to use

Operation Method

After sliding, the device automatically runs for 30 sec Timer included.

Ultrasound spray

Spray for around 15-20cm

Ultramicro ultrasonic waves of 7micro/ Much less deviation of amount or range of jet in comparison to the competitors’ models.

Category Voltage Range Ultrasound mesh Power Working hour of battery Dissolution method
Example1 6V 15~20Cm 7~9u 2W 1h 30m Frequency FeedBack
Example1 4.5V 15~20Cm 7~9u 1.8W 1h Inserting frequency [static]
Example1 3V 10~15Cm 7~9u 1.5W 40m Inserting frequency [static]
Example1 3V 10Cm 11u 1.5W 30m Inserting frequency [static]
CNENTCo,Ltd. 3V 15~20Cm 7u 1W 1h Frequency FeedBack


1 x Mistify Nano Mist

2 x AAA battery(1.5V)

1 x Mistify Premium Essence(20ml/0.71fl.oz.)

1 x User Manual

Function Ultrasonic vibration, UV sterilization
Battery 2 x AAA battery (1.5V)
Storage Temperature 10~40 degrees Celsius
Size Approximately 26(W) x 135(H) x 13(D) mm
Weight 44 grams
Container C apacity Max 6mL / Normal 5mL