Anti-Cellulite Body Massager

• Effective care against cellulite and fat stores
• Ion current causes a deep penetration and smooth incorporati on of active ingredients
• Vibrations support the natural regeneration of the skin
• Strengthens and vitalizes the body areas
• Customized modes for different body parts: legs, arms, hip and neck
• Automatic time setting for ideal use
EZ- Body Slimmer - Overview

Vibration : shake the stubborn subcutaneous fat and cellulite by vibration.

Ion : strength of ion penetrates the effective components of limming gel deep down the body.

Stomach massage : make it easy to dissolve/emit the hard subcutaneous fat in the stomach and help to get a beautiful shape of waist.

Arms/legs massage : use the power of vibration to stimulate the stubborn cellulite to make skin beautiful and elastic.

Decorte massage : offer a soft vibration to keep the shape of neck and breast elastic which is easy to become lack of elasticity.

Size Weight Battery Storage Range Output Method Operation Mode
125 X 73.5 X 62 200g 3V (AA *2 Battery) Temperature : 10°C ~40°C / Humidity : Under 95% (+)Ion, Vibration Waist / Arm / Leg / Decollete Mode