Remote-controlled Standby power saving outlet    SaveCon
Product definition

Remote-controlled standby power saving outlet by SaveCon is energy-saving outlet which enables controlling power supply by remote- control when you do not use appliances such as TV, DVD, or Electric heater.

Product characteristics and strengths

As an easy-to-use Standby power saving outlet, you can control power with general remote- controller. By applying lead wire technology, SaveCon maximized the usability of the outlet so that you could turn on and off power supply with general remote-control wherever you are, even when you are not able to use the controller.

Also, SaveCon outlet is low-priced product with higher electronic safety which could be used easily at home and office.

- Turn power on/off by using general IR remote controller
- Lead wire near reception area of the controller make it easier to control the power even when you are far from the outlet
- High level of Safety by using automatic-overload cutoff system and saving 2 poles of AC
- Protect Serge
- Simple and easy-to-use product design

Product Specifications

- Voltage : 70~250V
- Current : 0~10A
- Watt-hour : MAX 2400W
- Frequency : 10~90Hz
- Power factor : 0~0.99pF
- Automatic overload cutoff limit : 10A
- Blocks 2 AC poles
- Receive IRED remote controller

Product Instructions
※ connect to general multi-tabs
※ Please use lead-wired switch in the package when the outlet is located unreachable places