Messages from the CEO

“Welcome to CNNET Homepage!”

It is believed that the 21st century would be regarded as information-technology society, which has got over the industrial stage.
CNNET not only produces the goods of quality that correspond to the consumers’ needs, but also takes the responsibility of continuous development because in the new millennium, only can it draw public attention to convert the common knowledge into the novel idea based on the creativity.

In this field, the engineers in CNNET satisfy these requirements with a plenty of actual experiences, penetrating through the transition of technologies, and develop manufactures with confidence of leading technology.

CNNET aspires to the global market, not only to the first rank in Korea. We feel it is very important to take the responsibility of performing the duties as an enterprise to bring the purpose into practice. Therefore, it is the only way to be a competitive company in order to reward for the concerns of the stockholders and consumers.

It is certain that this year is going through the difficult economic situation. Moreover, in the domestic IT environment, there are few enterprises with the systematic and scientific data to fulfill the consumers’ needs.

In spite of these adverse circumstances, CNNET will attempt to satisfy the consumers and stockholders in cooperation with all the staffs.
We hope you will visit this homepage continuously, and keep showing your concerns.

Thank you so much.